About Us

A Trusted Provider of Corvette Restoration Solutions

Wayne and Jerry have been working on cars since before their teenage years.

They've owned Camaros, Mustangs, vintage trucks, and even race cars. But their passion lies with C2 Corvettes. And that's where they've focused their efforts for the past many years. Whether you're simply looking for someone to get your '63–'67 back to roadworthy condition, or maybe you’re looking for your first NCRS Chapter, Regional, or National Top Flight award, or looking for a complete body-off nut/bolt restoration... we can help.

We've accomplished all of those and more, and we can help you get your car to where you want to go.


Do you know those shops that have hourly rates that rival top Silicon Valley law firms?

And they seem to start the clock as soon as they answer your phone call? That's not us. C2 Restorations isn't one of those big overhead shops.

It's just us—2 guys in Northern California who simply love doing classic car restoration. We do it because we love it. And we treat your car like it's ours. We started in Wayne's garage, and now we've moved to a secure 9-car-sized shop at a private family residence just a mile up the road from where we were previously.

And we only take on one customer car at a time. Your car has our complete focus.